Privacy Policy

With our cutting-edge technology and marketing prowess, Teen Patti Dream’s objective is to propel the growth of teen patti, a competitive sports game, to a completely new level. We have offered distinctive and dependable mobile teen patti service to millions of teen patti enthusiasts. We gather and use specific player data in order to carry out our purpose. Teen Patti Dream places a high value on protecting players’ privacy and being open and honest about how we use their personal information.

When you use our Services (defined below), you must adhere to this Privacy Policy. It will explain how we gather, store, use, and disclose your personal information when offering you Teen Patti Dream’s Services, so please read it before using them.


Numerous mobile teen patti games are available at Teen Patti Dream. When you use our “Services,” which include our games, products, services, content,, and/or other domains or websites run by Teen Patti Dream, you must adhere to our Privacy Policy. It explains how we use your information, as well as your rights and options in relation to that information.

For mobile devices, Teen Patti Dream creates and publishes social games. In this privacy statement, Teen Patti Dream,” “we,” “our,” or “us” refer to Teen Patti Dreamand any other business organisations that share ownership with Teen Patti Dream(collectively, “Affiliated Entities”).

Teen Patti Dream is the “data controller” of your personal information in terms of data protection regulations. In this privacy statement, “European Countries” refers to all of the nations that make up the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland combined.

Anytime you use our “Services,” which include our games, products, services, content,, and/or other domains or websites run by Teen Patti Dream, you are subject to the terms of this privacy statement. It outlines your rights and options about your information as well as how we gather, store, use, and disclose it while providing you with these Services.

You are not permitted to play Teen Patti Dream’s games or use any of Teen Patti Dream’s other Services if you do not consent to Teen Patti Dream collecting, storing, using, or sharing your information in the manners outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect and How We Collect It

Any information you give us, such as when you create an account or a player profile, will be gathered and stored by us.

Details About You That You Directly Provide to Us

When you use our Services, you might voluntarily provide us with information (such when you create an account), and we’ll store it on our systems and use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

You might be requested to provide information like the following during the more traditional account setup process used by some of our Services’ games:

your first and last name;

your username;

your gender;

your age or birthday;

your e-mail address;

a password; and/or

other information that helps us make sure it’s you accessing your account or helps us improve our services.

We may also let you create a player profile that other Teen Patti Dream players can see. Your player profile may include information like:

your profile photo;

your first and last name;

your game username;

your gender;

your biographic details (like your age or age range);

the approximate physical location information that you provide;

links to your profiles on various social networks;

details about the games you play; and/or

a Teen Patti Dream User ID that is created by Teen Patti Dream and used to identify your game account (on Teen Patti Dream app, your Teen Patti Dream User ID will appear in your profile page).

If you give us your mobile telephone number, we will also collect and store that number.

Information About Your Contacts

We’ll collect information that you provide to us about your contacts, but be sure to ask their permission first.

In order to locate your contacts using Teen Patti Dream Services and ask them to join you in our games or other features of our Services, we may provide you the option to manually enter them or import your address book contacts. Before providing us with your contacts’ contact information, it is your responsibility to obtain their consent. Other Teen Patti Dream users who import or enter their contacts may also provide us with information about you. To facilitate connections between you and your contacts using our Services, we use and may keep this contact information. Follow any instructions provided in the Service to ask that we remove your contacts from our systems, or contact us if you want to have your contacts deleted from our systems.

Information You Generate Using Our Services

We’ll collect information about the ways you use and interact with our Services.

When you use our services, we’ll keep track of how you use them and how you engage with them, including when and how long you play our games, the features you use, how you interact with other players, the purchases you make, the progress or levels you reach, and other gameplay activities.

We will gather data on what is shared or communicated if you decide to use Teen Patti Dream Services’ communication features, which let you talk to other gamers or exchange information. This comprises:

your participation in player forums and message boards;

your public posts or comments on other players’ profiles or gameboards;

your non-public messages or invitations to other players, made through in-game mechanisms;

your chats with other players (whether by instant message, live chat, or video); and/or

your posted photos, drawings, or other user-generated content.

In order to protect our players’ safety and well-being, Teen Patti Dream’s rights and property in connection with our Services, conduct research, operate, improve, personalise, and optimise our Services and our players’ experiences, including through the use of analytics, and store archives of these communications, comments, photos, drawings, and other user-generated content on Teen Patti Dream’s servers, we may do the following: Where applicable, we will ask for your permission before doing this.

Payment Information

We’ll collect information related to any purchases you make.

Any purchases you make when using a connected third-party application or platform (such as Apple or Google) to access one of Teen Patti Dream’s games or any of our other Services will be processed by that third-party application and governed by its terms of service and privacy policy. Teen Patti Dream does not obtain your financial information for these purchases, but it may receive non-financial information about your purchases, such as your name, general area, and the things you bought. The third-party application determines what data Teen Patti Dream receives. The policies and terms pertaining to payments, billing, third-party credits, and virtual currencies are described in the Teen Patti Dream Terms of Service. Please note that purchases of third-party credits or currencies are also subject to those parties’ terms of service and privacy policies.

Customer Support Correspondence

We’ll keep a record of any correspondence between us.

When you contact our customer support staff for assistance, we will gather and keep the contact details you provide (typically, your name and email address), details about your use of our Services, including any games you’ve played, and your Teen Patti Dream User and/or social network ID number. In order to provide assistance and enhance the Services, we will also keep a record of any correspondence you have with our customer service representatives and any additional information in such conversations.

Information about you that we have obtained from third-party applications that are connected, such as social networks

If you access our games using your accounts with other businesses, such as social networks, or if you choose to link your accounts with other businesses to our games, we may collect some information from those businesses.

Teen Patti Dream may obtain specific information about you from the developer of the third-party application if you use any of Teen Patti Dream’s games or access any of our other Services on connected third-party applications or link our Services to any connected third-party applications, including social networks like Facebook. The third-party application, your privacy preferences, and, if relevant, the privacy preferences of your friends on that third-party application all affect the data we receive.

For example, Teen Patti Dream may collect and store some or all of the following information from the provider of the connected third-party application:

your first and last name;

your profile picture or its URL;

your user identification number (like your Facebook ID number), which may be linked to publicly-available information like your name and profile photo;

your friends’ user ID numbers and other public data;

the e-mail address you provided to that third-party application;

your approximate physical location and that of the devices you use to access our Services;

your gender;

your birthday, age, and/or age range;

information about your activities on or through the connected third-party application;

other publicly-available information on the third-party application; and/or

any other information that you or the provider of the third-party application share with Teen Patti Dream.

If you access our Services from a third-party application or connect our Services to a third-party application, you should also read that third-party application’s terms of service and privacy policy.

If you are unclear about what information a third-party application is sharing with us, please go to the third-party application to find out more about their privacy practices.

Cookies and Other Automated Information Collection

We’ll collect information about your device and how you use our Services, including using cookies.

We use cookies and other similar technologies (such as beacons, pixel tags, clear gifs, and device identifiers) to recognise you and/or your device(s) on, off, and across multiple Services and devices, as further explained in our Cookie Notice. In accordance with our Cookie Notice, we also let third parties to use cookies and related technologies. As outlined in our Cookie Notice, you have the option to manage or reject the use of cookies and other similar technologies that monitor your online activity across other websites so that third parties can advertise to you.

These cookies and other similar technologies are used by us, our service providers, and our business partners to gather and analyse specific types of technical data, such as:

IP address;

the type of computer or mobile device you are using;

platform type (like Apple iOS or Android);

your operating system version;

your mobile device’s identifiers, like your MAC Address, Apple Identifier For Advertising (IDFA), and/or Android Advertising ID (AAID);

application performance and de-bugging information;

your browser type and language;

referring and exit pages, and URLs;

the number of clicks on an app feature or web page;

the amount of time spent on an app feature or web page;

domain names;

landing pages;

pages viewed and the order of those pages; and/or

game state and the date and time of activity on our Services.

In some cases, we will connect the above information with your social network ID or Teen Patti Dream User ID.

If you play Teen Patti Dream games on a mobile device, in addition to your device identifiers (described above), we may also collect:

the name you have associated with your device;

your country;

your telephone number (if you provide it);

your specific geolocation (with your permission); and/or

information about the Teen Patti Dream games and other third-party apps you have on your device.

Other Sources
We might gather data from additional outside sources. We’ll let you know where we go.
We might gather data about you from other sources, such as third-party data providers. We use this information, along with the data you voluntarily give us, to, for instance, connect you with your friends or deliver advertising that is more relevant to your interests.

How We Use Information We Collect and Our Legal Bases for Processing It

Your information is used by us to deliver, customise, protect, and enhance the services you use, to run our business operations, and to exercise, assert, or defend our legal rights.

We use your information in accordance with a number of legal justifications, such as to carry out our agreement with you, for our legitimate business interests, to abide by the law, or in another manner with your consent.

Although there are other purposes as well, the primary ones are giving you the Services you seek from us and enhancing your gaming experience. We use and preserve your information for the following purposes:

to enhance and optimise our Services and the experiences of our gamers;

to enable you to enjoy our games by creating your gaming accounts;

identifying additional Teen Patti Dream participants and recommending links with them so we can tailor our services to suit your needs;

to get in touch with you regarding the services you utilise, such as in-game updates, new services, and marketing offers we believe you’ll find interesting;

to allow participants to converse with one another;

to offer technical assistance and reply to player questions;

to safeguard our players’ welfare and safety;

to safeguard Teen Patti Dream’s property rights in relation to our services;

to enforce our Terms of Service and stop fraud or possibly illegal activity;

to oversee and deliver behavioural and contextual advertising;

administering prizes, polls, competitions, and other promotional activities or events that we or our business partners sponsor or manage;

to uphold our agreements with third parties, fulfil our legal obligations, and settle any disputes we may have with you or other players; and/or

to carry out a research.

The information we gather and how we use it will depend on its nature and the circumstances in which we gather it if you reside in one of the European Countries, as stated in Section 1 above.

However, we typically won’t gather information about you unless it’s necessary for us to carry out our agreement with you (i.e., our Terms of Service), if the processing is in our legitimate interests (given that these aren’t outweighed by your interests or rights), or if we have another reason to ask for it.

In rare instances, we could also be required by law to get information from you or otherwise require the personal data in order to safeguard your interests or the interests of another person (like another player).

Normally, the context in which we are asking you for your information will make it clear why we need it (for instance, when we ask you for a username to access our Services, this will be to create an account for you in accordance with our Terms of Service); if not, we will explain it to you at the appropriate time. If we need your information to comply with a legal requirement or to perform a contract with you, this will normally be clear from the context in which we are asking you for your information. Additionally, we will make it obvious if submitting information is required.

A similar disclosure will be made to you at the appropriate time if we collect and use your information based on our (or any third party’s) legitimate interests (such as tailoring our services and marketing, for example).

Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or require more details on the legal bases for which we collect and use your personal data.

How We Share Information

When you use our Services in the ways specified in this subsection, we may disclose your information to third parties.

To make your gaming interactions with your friends and other Teen Patti Dream players easier, we’ll share some of your information with them.

In the following situations, we might divulge your information—including personal information—to third parties or permit them to get it from our services:

Associated Teen Patti Dream Players and Companions

The games and services offered by Teen Patti Dream encourage and frequently support player interaction. Regardless of whether they are friends with you on social networks, other players can view your player profile (as mentioned above), read descriptions of your in-game activities, and interact with you using our Services in numerous Teen Patti Dream games. When you are playing at a table in Teen Patti Dream, for instance, every other player at that table can see your player profile and send you a message using the in-game chat feature.

Third-Party Advertising, Including Analytics and Behavioural Advertising.

In order to personalise the adverts you see when using our Services and to make certain of our Services free, we will share some of your information with advertisers.

We make some of our games, game features, and other Services available for free thanks to advertising. These ads may include, without limitation, banner ads on game boards or the Services themselves, full-screen ads in-between moves or games, or through a “offer wall” where third-party advertisers offer to give players virtual currency or other in-game items in exchange for watching an ad or for accomplishing a task, like creating an account with one of the advertisers, finishing a survey, or completing a certain game level. The offers on offer walls are not created by Teen Patti Dream; rather, they are made by third-party advertisers and hosted by third-party offer wall providers.

We do not actively share personal information that directly identifies you with third-party advertisers for their direct marketing purposes unless you give us your consent.

To enable advertisers, ad networks, and offer wall providers to serve you with more relevant ads, they may collect, or we may collect and share with them, the following types of information when you use our Services:

performance data (like the number of clicks on an advertisement);

certain technical information (like IP address, non-persistent device identifier such as IDFA, and de-identified persistent device identifier such as a hashed Android ID);

a unique identifier, such as your social network ID or Teen Patti Dream player ID; and/or

other contextual data about your game play (like your level and session length).

In addition to serving you with relevant ads, the information collected may be used to:

measure how effective ads are;

offer you targeted advertising (both on and off our Services) in order to personalize your experience by showing you advertisements for products and services that are more likely to appeal to you (a practice known as interest-based advertising or behavioral advertising); and/or 

undertake web analytics to analyze traffic and other player activity to improve your experience.

Advertisers or ad networks may collect this information through the use of cookies and other similar tracking technologies, and they may use a single tracking technology or multiple tracking technologies at the same time.

Please note, after clicking on a third-party advertisement or offer, you may no longer be on a site or app controlled by Teen Patti Dream or the social network through which you are playing Teen Patti Dream’s games.

For more information on controlling the use of cookies and similar technologies, please see our Cookie Notice. Please note that the practices of third-party companies delivering advertisements on our Services are subject to those companies’ own privacy policies.

Safety, Security, and Compliance with Law

We’ll share your information if necessary for safety, security, or compliance with law.

Your information, and the contents of all of your online communications in our Services and between you and Teen Patti Dream may be accessed and monitored as needed to provide our Service and may be disclosed:

to satisfy any laws or regulations that apply;

when we have a good faith judgement that disclosing the information is necessary to comply with legal requests by public authorities is required by law, such as when a court order, search warrant, or subpoena is issued;

when we, in our sole discretion, feel that our services are being used to commit a crime, including to report such criminal conduct or to share data with other businesses and organisations for the prevention of fraud, the reduction of credit risk, and other security measures;

when there is an emergency that could endanger your health, another person’s health, or the safety of the public as a whole; and/or

to protect the rights or property of Teen Patti Dream or applicable third parties, including to enforce our Terms of Service.

Third-Party Service Providers

We’ll share your information with the third-party service providers and business partners that we work with to bring you our Services.

We will share your information with third-party companies who perform services on our behalf, like payment processing, analytics, analysis, hosting services, customer service, marketing, and advertising optimization. We will also share your information with our third-party business partners who assist us in delivering and optimizing our Services, such as our platform partners (Apple or Google, etc.). Where we share your information with third-party service providers and business partners, we ensure that we have appropriate agreements in place to protect your information (as required by applicable data protection laws).

Sale or Merger

We’ll share your information with the interested party if we undergo or evaluate undergoing a sale or merger.

In the event that Teen Patti Dream undergoes or evaluates undergoing a business transition, like a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or part of its assets (like selling a game), we may disclose or transfer all of your information, including personal information, to the successor organization in the transition. We will make reasonable efforts to let you and other players know (in the way described in Changes to Our Privacy Policy) of the business transition before transferring your personal information.

Other Third Parties

We may share some of your information with other third parties if we have your consent to do so.

In addition to the sharing described above, we may share your information with other third parties or allow them to collect your information from our Services in some ways not specifically described in this Privacy Policy if we have your consent to do so.

Group Marketing

We may use your name, email address and phone number for the purpose of providing you with news, promotions and other marketing offers from our group of companies, Affiliated Entities, our agents and third parties providing services to us or to you on our behalf. If you no longer wish to receive these promotional communications, newsletters and marketing offers, you may opt-out of receiving them either when you register with us initially, or subsequently by following the ‘opt-out’ instructions included in each communication. You are also entitled at any time to notify us that you do not wish to receive any promotional communications from us and you may do this by emailing us at

Your Rights and How to Access, Update, and Manage Your Personal Information

European Countries’ Users’ Rights

If you’re a user located in the European Countries, you have certain rights with respect to your personal information.

If you are located in the European Countries (defined above in Section 1), you have the following data protection rights:

You can access or request deletion of your personal information by submitting a request through our Personal Data Request Portal.

You can correct or update your personal information, object to processing of your personal information, ask us to restrict processing of your personal information or request portability of your personal information.

You can opt-out of marketing communications we send you by following the instructions in “Opting Out of Promotional Communications from Teen Patti Dream” below.

If we have collected and processed your personal information with your consent, then you can withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawing your consent will not affect the lawfulness of any processing we conducted prior to your withdrawal, nor will it affect processing of your personal information conducted in reliance on lawful processing grounds other than consent.

You have the right to complain to a data protection authority about our collection and use of your personal information. For more information, please contact your local data protection authority (Contact details are available here.)

To exercise your rights to access or deletion, please submit a request through our Personal Data Request Portal. If you have any problems with the Portal or would like to exercise any of your other rights, you can Contact Us. We respond to all data protection requests we receive in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Accessing and Deleting Personal Information Held by Teen Patti Dream

You can request a copy of or deletion of your game account data through our Personal Data Request Portal.

To review and update personal information associated with your Teen Patti Dream player profile in certain games, visit the “settings” page in that game.

If you want to review or delete personal information associated with your game account data, please submit a request through our Personal Data Request Portal. If you have any problems with the Portal, please Contact Us.

For deletion requests, we will take reasonable measures to delete your personal information from our records. If you have sent content through or posted content on the Service, we may not be able to delete it. We will keep certain records (e.g., personal information relating to payments or customer service matters) where we need (and have rights) to, such as for legal or accounting purposes. We’ll also keep information in order to exercise, defend, or establish our rights.

Managing Personal Information We Receive From Third-Party Applications / Platforms And From Your Mobile Device

To manage the information we receive from third-party applications or platforms and from your mobile device, use the tools and settings provided by the third-party application and your mobile device.

To manage the information Teen Patti Dream receives about you from a third-party application or platform where you play our games, like Facebook, Apple, Google, you will need to follow the third-party application’s instructions for updating your information and changing your privacy settings.

You also can manage many aspects of information collection and use from your mobile device by visiting the “settings” page of your mobile device and reviewing the access permissions of each Teen Patti Dream game / application.

Once Teen Patti Dream receives your information from a third-party application / platform or your mobile device, that information is stored and used by Teen Patti Dream in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You may access and update that information as described above.

Opting Out of Promotional Communications from Teen Patti Dream

You can opt out of mobile push notifications in your device’s settings page.

If you want to stop receiving push notifications, which are messages an app sends you on your mobile device even when the app is not on, you can turn off push notifications by visiting your mobile device’s “settings” page. Many of our games also offer the ability to turn off push notifications in the in-game “settings” page.

Please note that if you opt out of receiving promotional communications from us, we may still communicate with you from time to time if we need to provide you with information about the Services you are using from us, if we need to request information from you with respect to a transaction initiated by you, or for other legitimate non-marketing reasons, for example, if we update this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service.

Opting Out of Third-Party Behavioral Advertising

You can opt out of third-party behavioral advertising through your device settings and other third-party opt-out tools.

If you are interested in more information about behavioral advertising and your choices to prevent behavioral web and mobile web advertising from third parties, you may visit the following websites:

Network Advertising Initiative Consumer Opt-Out Page or the Digital Advertising Alliance Opt-Out Page for U.S.-based advertising; and

Your Online Choices website for EU-based advertising.

If you do not want to receive behavioral in-application advertisements from third parties that relate to your interests on your mobile device, you may adjust the ad tracking settings on your device (such as turning on “Limit Ad Tracking”). You can also reset the “Advertising Identifier” (such as an IDFA) from your mobile device’s settings page, which will prevent continued use of existing behavioral data tied to your previous “Advertising Identifier.” Further, depending on the platform provider (such as Apple or Google), you may be able to download apps, such as the Digital Advertising Alliance’s “AppChoices” app, that offer to provide you with control regarding the collection and use of cross-app data for behavioral advertising.

All of the opt-out tools described in this subsection are provided by third parties, not by Teen Patti Dream. Teen Patti Dream does not control or operate these tools or the choices that advertisers and others provide through these tools.Please note that you may still receive third-party advertisements in Teen Patti Dream’s Services after using these opt-out tools, but the advertising you see may be less relevant to your interests.

Privacy Policies of Linked Third-Party Services and Advertisers

We aren’t responsible for the ways in which third parties use your information (other than our service providers acting under our instructions).

Our websites and games may contain advertisements from “Third-Party Services,” meaning companies other than Teen Patti Dream, that may link to their own websites, online services, or mobile applications. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of these Third-Party Services. If you have any questions about how these Third-Party Services use your information, you should review their policies and contact them directly.

Our Policies Concerning Children↑

We seek to ensure that we do not collect information from children.

Generally speaking, most of our Services are not intended for children under the age of 13 (or under 16 for children located in the European Countries) (collectively, “Children”). Children are not permitted to use these Services, and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from Children.

Though our Services do not target Children as the primary audience, we may collect age information before allowing a user to proceed for certain Services. For users who identify themselves as Children in our age-gate on such Services, if we allow Children to use the Services, we will either provide a version of that Service that does not collect, use, or disclose “personal information” (as defined in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”)), except as permitted by COPPA, or obtain legally valid parental consent.

If we learn that we have inadvertently gathered personal information that is not subject to a COPPA exception from a Child, we will take reasonable measures to promptly remove that information from our records.

International Operations and Transfers Out of European Countries

When you use our Services, your personal information may be sent to the United States and possibly other countries. When we transfer, store, and use personal information collected in the European Countries outside of the European Countries, we comply with our legal obligations and ensure that your personal information is subject to suitable safeguards or transferred to “approved” territories.

IMPORTANT: When you use our Services, your personal information may be sent to the United States and possibly other countries.

As part of our international operations, we may transfer personal information to our “Affiliated Entities,” which are any other corporate entities under common ownership with Teen Patti Dream, or to our business partners and service providers from time to time for our legitimate business purposes. For example, Teen Patti Dream provides certain services to its Affiliated Entities.

Personal information collected in the European Countries may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination outside of the European Countries. The data we hold may also be processed by employees operating outside of the European Countries who work for us, one of our Affiliated Entities, or one of our business partners or service providers. This staff may be engaged in, among other things, (i) the processing of transactions and your payment details, or (ii) the provision of support services. When we transfer your personal information internationally we will take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is treated securely, lawfully, and in the manner we describe here. Please note that laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so the privacy laws applicable to the places where your information is transferred to or stored, used, or processed in, may be different from the privacy laws applicable to the place where you are resident.

Participating European countries’ residents should direct any questions, concerns or complaints regarding Teen Patti Dream’s handling of personal information or compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to Teen Patti Dream at:

How Long We Keep Your Information

We’ll keep your information for as long as necessary to provide you with the Services, maintain our legitimate business operations, and/or exercise, defend or establish our rights.

How long we retain your personal information depends on why we collected it and how we use it, but we will not retain your personal information for longer than is necessary for our business purposes or for legal requirements.

We will retain personal information about you and connected with your account and/or the Services you use from us for as long as you have an active account with us. We will take reasonable measures to delete this personal information if you delete your account. However, you acknowledge that we may retain some information after you have closed, or we have deleted, your account with us where necessary to enable us to meet our legal obligations or to exercise, defend, or establish our rights.

Security of Your Information

We work hard to protect your information but you also have a role to play.

We implement reasonable and appropriate security measures to help protect the security of your information both online and offline and to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. These measures vary based upon the sensitivity of your information.

If you have an account registered directly with Teen Patti Dream, your profile information is protected by the password you use to access your Teen Patti Dream account. It is important that you protect and maintain your Teen Patti Dream account’s security and that you immediately tell us of any unauthorized use of your account. If you forget the password to your Teen Patti Dream account, the Services allow you to request that instructions be sent to you that explain how to reset your password. If you access our Services through a social network and your social network account is hacked or otherwise compromised, this may lead to someone accessing or deleting your Teen Patti Dream game accounts without your permission. So, be careful to keep your social network account information, including your social network account password, secure as well. We urge you to log out of your Teen Patti Dream account and any social network account you have used to access our Services when you are finished using them.

When you sign into your Teen Patti Dream account or enter payment information, we and our third-party payment processor use encryption to transmit that information.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We’ll let you know about any material changes to this Privacy Policy.

If we decide to make material changes to our Privacy Policy, we will tell you and other players by placing a notice in-game or on, or by sending you a notice to the e-mail address we have on file for you before the change becomes effective (and we will ask for your consent where required by law). We may supplement this process by placing notices on game blogs, social network pages, and/or player forums. You should periodically check and this Privacy Policy for updates.

Contact Us

You can contact us with your questions, comments, or concerns.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy and/or privacy practices, please send an e-mail to For all other matters, please contact Teen Patti Dream through

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